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  A&B Plus Business is trusty business account to support both inflow and outflow for various types of businesses. This A&B Plus Business is a large account which can support with unlimited volume and unlimited transactions in the account. An account is suitable for all types of businesses, whether it is a opened merchant store by accepting cash or accepting cards directly from customers or whether it is an online merchant (e-commerce) placed on the website which customers can make an online payment via website.

  Whether your business is big or small, it's never been a problem for us. Regardless of how complex your business is and whether that business had previously been rejected opening an account from the high street bank or have a closed accounts history report. A&B Plus Business is welcome and help your business get a bank account back in order to run your business again.

  You can open an A&B Plus Business account in up to 3 currencies: GBP, EUR, USD, which verify accounts and make a payment in both domestic and international payment, just by touching your fingers through Online banking from computers or by using applications from mobile phones in both IOS and Android for 24 hours.

  A&B Plus Business is a bank account system that directly connects to the exchange rates from the Mid- financial Market Rate, which is the highest exchange rate in the world that banks use. This rate will change over the time, every minute, depending on the buying-selling power of investors and other political and economic factors for each currency.

  You can change the currency yourself via online banking between 3 major currencies in your own A&B Plus Business account or exchange it to other currencies. This account is able to pay overseas, up to 40 currencies, over 200 countries around the world.

  A&B Plus Business is a full-fledged online bank account system that connects an API Integration with the Barclays Bank, our partner bank, acting on our behalf to order a payment under the authority of MasterCard, who controls the money flow and safeguard against online identity theft threats (Hacker & Cyber ​​Attack)

  A&B Plus Business is a program that stands outside the framework of the UK Banking Association, but the whole area of the European Union. It relies on various advantages from the law in each area so it can illimitations bring your business back to live when A&B Plus Business does not check your financial history as well as your bankruptcy history. So you can use A&B Plus Business as a supplementary account with your primary account for easy accounting or tax systems. 

  A&B Plus Business extends the success of A&B Money Plus Personal Account, which provides banking services for individuals and receive fund from around the world, it can be used under two major currencies, GBP and EUR. According to the power of MasterCard, we officially opened the system in early 2019.

 A&B Plus Business has developed a higher level than ever before, regardless of the variety of currencies, the power of Foreigner currency Exchange to buy and sell currencies as well as customizing payments worldwide in up to 40 currencies. We proud to help and support your business and make it happen into reality whether of what your business is.

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