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✔ Open business account just in minutes via the Website or Moblie Application (ABFX)
  Customers can open A&B Plus Business accounts by visiting the website via computer or mobile phone to apply to open a bank account. It's easy no matter where you are in the world, just having an internet signal is enough to open an account.
✔ Free of charge when transferring money to Thailand. (Usually start from 2 GBP/EUR)
  For more convenient and reduce your business costs. Customers can transfer money to Thailand for free. There is no transfer fee for transfers of over 2,000.00 GBP. This is different from the high-street banks, where customers have to pay a high international wire fee. The A&B Plus Business account offers this benefit for business sector and entrepreneurs in the UK and Europe who need to make internal payment to Thailand for bill/service payments. 
✔ A&B Plus Business accounts come with 3 major currencies, namely GBP / EUR / USD
  A&B Plus Business accounts allow customers to have their own GBP / EUR / USD account. You can exchange currency by yourself between these 3 currencies or directly receive these 3 currencies from 3rd party into your account. For example, customer has an import-export business in the UK that have to pay Supplier invoice in USD, customer can exchange currency from GBP to USD. Then customer can transfer USD to the supplier account immediately etc.
✔ Cash welcome at A&B Plus office
  Cash can be deposited into the account at the A&B Plus Business headquarters in Greenwich (near DLR Cutty sark station). If customers have cash, they want to deposit it into their account. The cash can be deposited at the head office with no limit.
✔ Unlimited volume & transaction
  A&B Plus Business accounts are beyond the control of the UK Banking Association, but we focus in the whole European Union and rely on various advantages from the law in each area therefore there is no limit volume and transaction in the account. Clients will have unlimited freedom in managing their accounts.
✔ Welcome all types of business
  Whatever your business is, A&B plus Business can be opened without any problems. Due to the advantage of being a bank account that is beyond the control of the UK Banking Association, the A&B plus Business account offer all types of businesses from SMEs to High Risk businesses including restaurants, spas, Online Trading. Money transfer, Casino, Gold & Jewelry Trading, Logistic company etc.
✔ Able to transfer money overseas, up to 40 currencies worldwide
  You can exchange and transfer the currency yourself through online banking between 3 major currencies in your own A&B Plus Business account or exchange it for other currencies. And able to pay to more than 40 currencies in 200 countries worldwide (AUD, BHD, BGN, CAD, CNY, HRK, CZK, DKK, EUR, HKD, HUF, INR, IDR, ILS, JPY, KES , KWD, MYR, MXN, NZD, NOK, OMR, PHP, PLN, QAR, RON, RUB, SAR, SGD, ZAR, SEK, CHF, THB, TRY, UGX, GBP, AED, USD).
✔ An excellent FX exchange rate
  A&B Plus Business is a bank account system that directly connects to the exchange rates from the financial market (Mid-Market Rate), which is the highest exchange rate in the world that banks use to refer to the rates between international settlements or to buy money from Partner bank. This rate will change over time, every minute, with this excellent exchange rate. Will allow entrepreneurs to benefit from the operation
✔ You can download to check the previous statement by clicking on the Export to Excel or Download PDF statement
  We provide the best service and convenience to customers, A&B Plus Business accounts have functions that are easier to access to the balance checking system and the account statements in both income and outcome of the business. Customers can download statements in Excel and PDF file formats for business management accounts.
✔ Scheduled payments: set up or edit standing order
  This account can be set up or modified standing order and one-off payment. A&B Plus Business accounts have the prepayment function on a monthly basis. Every month is recorded into the online banking system. It helps you to reduce the hassle of regular monthly payment, such as goods / services and Employee salaries, etc., and a one-time payment for incomes that are not fixed.
✔ 24/7 Account access control by mobile app or computer
  You can log in to the online banking system 24 hours a day via mobile and computer. A&B Plus Business account has an online banking system that allows customers to login and check statement including payment at any time 24 hours via mobile and computer. You just have an internet connection. You can manage your bank account anytime, anywhere for control your business.
✔ Security: All eligible deposits are protected by the FSCS on credit Union Scheme up to £85,000.00 and we are regulated by the FCA & HMRC
  This account is safe and protected by the FSCS in the Credit Union Scheme up to £ 85,000.00 and we are directly linked to the FCA and HMRC. In addition, the funds in your business account are under global security from MasterCard, so you can be confident in our strict protection system. You can use A&B Plus Business account as the main account to receive money from customers and ordered to pay anywhere in the world.
✔ Easy to switch from business to personal via mobile app at your fingertips
  This account can easily be changed from a business account to an individual account via application in mobile whether it is a business account or an individual account, you can control your online banking system in the same application under the name 'ABFX' via the IOS network for I-Phone or Android easily. Just using the same application so you don’t need to re-install the application. You can check the account and can order payment from both personal accounts and business accounts in the same app. You can also open individual accounts or open additional business accounts instantly. A&B Plus Business is a supplementary account for many types of businesses. Moreover, you can open more separated accounts to receive money directly from customers. In term of business, this separates accounts system will make your business easier for your accounting and tax system.
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