Under the KYC, the regulations of the Ministry of Finance and the bank regulation. You need to prepare 3 documents below :

1.Prove of Identify which is a colour copy of Passport or Driving license.

2.Prove of Address documents. You may also use a copy of your bank statement, utility bill, telephone bill, Council Tax bill, other government-issued documents, by choosing one of them.

3.Your current photo. Do not wear black glasses, hats or photo with other people. Photo has to show head to shoulder.

You can fill out the application form on our website. (Choose to open a payment account) to complete all processes and attach the requested documents from your website or mobile phone.



Prove of Identify copy of Passport or Driving license

Prove of Address documents 

Your current photo 


You will receive confirmation E-mail.

After you have completed the application with in a business day, you will receive an email from us to confirm the status of opening account with us.

Successful account opening – You will receive the e-mail to clarify you the eligibility to use the account and card and benefit from opening account with us and term conditions coverage under the Ministry of Finance and Mastercard.

Failed account opening – You will receive the e-mail to explain you the reason of failure. Under European Union law you can send the requested document back to us via the email to be successful account opening.

Debit card delivery to your address in UK

  We will ship a Mastercard under your name and go directly to your registered home address in UK. The card will come with the explanation documents. You can use card at all Mastercard's acceptance shop over 300 million worldwide.

You need to sign at the back side of the card and activate the card to use it.

  1. 1. Click on “Activate” at and enter your 16-digit card number followed by your personal information.
  2. 2. Contact our staff directly at +44 (0) 203 355 9660 (UK).

    Pin code and Online Account password

  When you finish activate, you will receive 4 pin codes via text message to your mobile phone for withdrawing cash at ATM or buying general goods or services at shop. You can also sign up for Online Account by setting up your 2 own passwords.

  1. 1. Online Account Password - The password that you can set manually.
  2. 2. Pay out Code – Security level 2 that you set manually separate from the first online account password. By this code, the system will automatically request when you make a payment through online account for greater security.

    Account details

  Once you have created the online account password, you are ready to log in online account. It will display your account details in both GBP and EUR.

Benefits of Online Account

When you are login to A & B Money Plus online account, you can manage your money just by clicking your mobile phone or a computer 24 hour a day from over the world. The following functions are available below:

- Balance: Check your balance in both currencies in your own accounts.

- Statement: Check the income - outcome daily including history transactions and you can print out for transactions statement.

- Make Payment: Make your payment to other accounts in the UK or Europe by creating an unlimited number of beneficent.

- Card Transfer: Simply move money from your card by entering your 16-digit card number and card expiration date. Then it will be paid immediately.

- Standing Order: Set up a weekly or monthly automatic payment system to pay for utilities bills, rent, etc.

- Profile: Edit your profile including the Online Account password.

- Activate Sub-Card: You can activate Sub-Card by yourself online.

- Block Card: You can suspend or block card in case of lost or stolen both primary and supplementary cards.

- Logout: Sign out of Online Account for your own account security.