When talking about open account abroad - Many people might think it is hard and there are some barriers in language and documents when they need to open an account under many restrictions such as your status, Visa status, as well as Credit Score. You have to unsurely estimate that Finance Officer will allow you to open an account or not? And which type of account will you receive? It might unluckily be the account with limited conditions such as cash card for cash machine use only and it cannot do online purchase. Follow by these many conditions i.e. interest rate, Misuse of account using, Fraud protection check. This causes may take customers get risk to be closed their accounts in finally and they cannot reopen under the restrictions and limited of Thai language in UK and EU. We are committed to researching and reaching the great benefit in financial transactions for Thai account system to all Thais in the EU.

   We succeeded in starting our small business office in 2007 and gave us 7200 million baht in gross sales from overseas remittances for Thai people. We faced the challenging again in the world shocking 'Brexit' that destroyed account system in the UK in the Financial Sector in 2017. We need to be strong in the face of the global crisis and under a great deal of effort, we have become one of the authorized members of Mastercard in the online account business opening a customer account. Our card is available throughout the UK and EU.

  Client accounts are protected under a Mastercard partner agreement and are freely available worldwide in two major currencies, GBP and EUR. You can manage your account just by touching your mobile phone or computer 24 hours a day to spend the salary to set up monthly expenses such as utilities bills, or to travel abroad and to exchange rate for business proposes.

  We can provide a full range of account services, except life insurance and cash checks. We are a subordinate company that authorized by the FCA to operate an international money transfer business, or 'FX Broker Company' and we specialize in 'Foreign Trade - Thai Baht', especially, we become FX Broker Specialist in Thai Baht.

  We are the first money transfer company managed by Thai people. It is licensed by the FCA (Financial Services Authority) under the Money Remittance Money Transfer License: https://register.fca.org.uk/ShPo_FirmDetailsPage?id=001b000001HiyR6AAJ License No. 716949 and MLR (Money Laundering Regulations), which corresponds to the HM Revenue & Custom of the British Government. No: 12570247

  A & B General (UK) Limited (Trading Name: ABFX), or we are named as 'A & B Money', was established in 2009 following the approval of A & B General Group Ltd in Thailand. We work with the big top 3 financial institution in Thailand. We send money directly to the destination recipient in Thailand with the cheaper price under security. This is stable and safe. Because all payment orders and all the money flow are connected to our automated systems connected to account in the UK / Europe and Thailand.

  In 2013, we expanded to Chicago, Illinois and successfully completed the international money transfer license with FinCen. Later in 2016, it upgraded its license with the FCA by applying and successfully obtaining licenses in 31 countries throughout the European Union. We become a leading Thai money transfer company. The value of sending money back to Thailand more than 4 billion per year. We have grown to an average of 30-45% every year, so we have a huge business of 7200 million baht to look after of all remittances to overseas for Thai people in 2016 and receive the 'Best Money Transfer Europe 2015- 2017 'from Wealth & Finance International and Global 100 awards. Https://ab-money.co.uk/press-awards-1st.


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