AB PLUS initially achieves the success on money transfer business and gradually well known in UK. We launch digital account platform following concept ‘Easy – Fast – Convenience’. Anyone can apply banking services from mobile application or computer anywhere and anytime.   

We face many limitations of banking services conditions on customers. It is whether compliance limit, payment condition, account type or account closure from street banks.

A lot of Thai people has become Non-Bank account user meaning they do not have a banking services to live their daily life, shopping, receive salary or even transfer money to their country.

   We create our own account platform system that offer the full account facility. Also, you can request the physical card under name of MasterCard that we can use it to generate accounts for clients in both GBP and Euro currencies.

   The account can be opened from the 'ABFX' mobile phone application or computer. The process only takes within 2 minutes. Therefore, you can perform online banking transactions without wasting time on going to street bank branch and spending your valuable time on traffic road.

   You can request for a variety of currencies accounts such as pounds, euros, dollars and more. Full accessibility is on your hand i.e., incoming – outgoing transaction, the balance and your worldwide payment. 

   Digital Banking, under the name of AB PLUS is an innovation in banking that gives convenience, easy accessibility on wherever you are and time will no longer be a problem anymore as you are able to complete account on your computer or mobile application 'ABFX' 24 hours.

   AB PLUS has become an alternative for Thai people and Non-Bank user, who will be able to have their own account under secured universal banking standard as our process do not have the same chaotic restrictions as the street banks.

   AB PLUS allow you to open personal accounts and business accounts as we accept all size of businesses. We are prompt to listen and help your business on all banking activities as well as buying or selling various currencies and worldwide payment.

   Digital Banking is an advance innovation to seal off the old-fashioned banking style. It allows you to access all baking activities on mobile phone application such as opening account, checking the transaction in both local or international payment, Forex trading in various currencies, standing order for a specified payment date under the easy, convenient and fast concepts, which is suitable for the needs of people based on the modern technology.

   Digital Banking is an account platform that does not give you the cost on traveling to the bank for long queues, filling up on many documents to open an account, international baking transfers in the old-fashioned style. Distance and time will not be the problem for you as reaching the world is on mobile phone or computer that can control the payment for commercial businesses. Even more on everyday life activities such water bill, electricity bill, mobile phone bill or international payment in various currencies around the world.

  We have investigated the basic of moving up to the accessibility of technology from 1980-2020 that has changed in the era with new platform by minimizing the enterprise topic to handy device as application.

   AB PLUS is based on our experience financial experience over 15 years, the world has faced many economic problems in Europe and America that have only led bank to develop compliance under anti-money laundering laws and financial criminals that not turning to the market demand on the need of technology leaping. As a result, the bank stopped commercial site since 2007.