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Price Tariff

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Personal Account Price & Bank Fee Standard


Account Opening 
KYC Compliance & Admin proceed for GBP account Free
KYC Compliance & Admin proceed for EUR account Free
Person Debit Card £10


Monthly Charge
Monthly Service Charge on GBP account £9.99
Monthly Service Charge on EUR account €9.99


Account Pricing
Outgoing Bank Transfer (UK Local account) £0.99
Incoming Bank Transfer (UK Local account) £0.79
Outgoing Bank Transfer (EU SEPA) €0.99
Incoming Bank Transfer (EU SEPA) €0.89
Outgoing Bank Transfer (EU SEPA) - Urgent €2.00
Incoming Bank Transfer (EU SEPA) - Urgent €1.00


International Payment (SWIFT PAYMENT)
Incoming in GBP via Swift international £15.00
Outgoing in GBP via Swift international £25.00
Incoming in EUR via Swift international €20.00
Outgoing in EUR via Swift international €35.00


Card Pricing
Card Fee £10.00
Lost/ Stolen Replacement Card £10.00
ATM withdraw domestic up to £250 per time / 4 time a day £3.00
ATM withdrawal international £10.00
Debit/Credit Card deposit to account (By Bank Staff) Minimum £1 or base on volume GBP 0.50% / 1.00%
Instant bank transfer between A&B Money account (Instant Transfer System) £0.50 หรือ € 0.50
Manual debit/credit (By Bank Staff) FREE
ATM Balance Inquiry £0.99
ATM PIN change £0.99
POS domestic £0.50
POS international GBP 1.00 plus 1.00%
POS/ATM Decline £0.50
PIN Reveal £2.00
FX Fee (between the currency on platform) 3.00%


Please note : Online Banking & Card will be lock if system unable to redeem System Monthly Service Charge £9.99